Gardening Resources

The Countdown to Spring is On!

Agastache                         Alyssum
Asclepias                          Asparagus
Bergamot                          Broccoli
Cabbage                           Catnip
Cauliflower                       Celery & Celeriac
Chives                              Chrysanthemum
Columbine                        Coreopsis
Cynoglossum                   Delphinium

Echinacea                         Florence Fennel (bulbing fennel)
Gaillardia                          Gaura
Leeks                                Lettuce
Lobelia                              Lovage
Marigolds                         Marjoram
Mint                                  Morning Glory
Nemophila                        Nicotiana
Onions                              Oregano
Peppers                            Physalis
Rosemary                         Rudbeckia
Sage                                 Thyme
Tithonia                            Viola
Tomatoes (March 15th is ideal, transplant end of May/early June)
Verbena                            Yarrow

Want to Know about Rain Gardens?

One of our board members recently attended SFU’s Faculty of Environment’s public talk Imagine 12,000 Rain Gardens on Vancouver’s North Shore with guest speaker Dr. Aaron Clark.

We have posted a link to the video of the talk, as well as a summary of the talk, including his slides, here.

If you would like to keep updated on the details of the SFU rain garden project, please email ( They will happily add you to their mailing list.


Wondering What to Plant?  These All Do Great in Garden Plots!

  • courgettes – Zucchini or other squashes
  • mange tout – snow or snap peas
Companion Planting – Find Out Which Veggies Make Good Neighbours!

What to do with used Coffee Grounds…!


Here are some resources to aid in your ongoing quest for the perfect parsnip, or the merriest of melons… Happy Reading!

reference books


Link to the West Coast Seeds Planting Guides for BC, including Vegetable Charts, Flowers, Herbs, Cover Crops and Winter Plantings.